Heritage Centre in Holy Island extended display area

So delighted that the Heritage Centre in Holy Island have extended and redesigned the display of my jewellery in response to increased demand for it.

The Lindisfarne Centre
MarygateHoly Island
TD15 2SD
Tel: 01289 389004
The Lindisfarne Centre (Holy Island’s Heritage) home of 
1. lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition
2. Vikings on Lindisfarne
3. Exhibition of Island Life
4. Lindisfarne Gospels Garden
5. Lindisfarne Centre Shop
Holy Island is just off the Northeast corner of England near the town of Berwick-Upon -Tweed.It has over 650,000 thousand visitors each year from around the world.It’s a tidal island that can only be  accessed twice in every 24 hours by a paved causeway which is covered by the North sea at high tide.

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